Box Making Demo Presentation Available for Download

At last night’s Club meeting, member Eric Krum gave a demo on turning an end-grain box.  Prior to the demo, Eric gave a short presentation on wood movement and how it relates to turning a box.  You can download a PDF of that presentation here.

Also, during the September meeting, member Joe Nestlerode gave a short presentation on cutting logs into bowl blanks with a chainsaw and bandsaw.  Basic chainsaw safety tips were also covered.  You can download a PDF of that presentation here.

These presentations are freely available for anyone to download and share.  We ask that the respective authors be properly attributed if any part of either presentation is printed, or published online.  The authors assume no responsibility for misuse of the information contained herein.  Lathes, bandsaws, and chainsaws are inherently dangerous machinery and all appropriate safety precautions should always be taken.



  1. Thanks to Eric for a great demo and all his helpful tips including this detailed lesson. Thanks to Joe and Tom and all who do the computer and other work ‘behind the scenes’. I also posted on our facebook page about this, along with my suggestion for the future demos for the club.

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