First State Woodturners Awarded 2016 EOG Grant

First State Woodturners has been awarded a 2016 AAW Educational Opportunity Grant!  The grant – in the amount of $1370 – will be used to purchase a portable mini-lathe, accessories, and safety gear which will facilitate our efforts to re-introduce woodturning into two local Delaware high schools.  The two high schools are Mt. Pleasant High School and Wilmington Friends School, located in northern Delaware.

Both of these schools have full Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) design lab programs.  However, rather than just focus on robotics and 3D printing, we are working with the teachers to also incorporate woodturning into the curriculum.  We are presenting our craft as an elegant blend of engineering and art.  Our club will be providing volunteers and materials on-going during school sessions, and also for summer camps.