VIDEO: 3-Part Stemmed Goblet


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This is the recording of our September 2023 meeting.   Dave Landers gave an excellent demonstration on how he makes 3-part Stemmed Goblets!

NOTE If you paid to attend the September meeting, you should have already received the link to this video via email.  If you did not, contact us.

In the demo, Dave made the three pieces that comprise the goblet:  a bowl, a base, and the stem.

First was a small natural-edged bowl.  Dave discussed working with natural edges, chucking small pieces, and general techniques that apply to bowls of any size.

Next, the base.  A thin, mostly flat disk for the goblet’s foot.  The challenge is holding this small, thin piece on the lathe.

The stem is a simple spindle, but with lots to learn.  Dave showed how to make clean entry cuts (and why “unclean” cuts happen).  Using his body, arms, hands, and tool together for clean, precise cuts was a consistent theme of this section.

This was a fun project with a wide range of topics to discuss.  Members can now purchase access to this recording for just $5.  Running time is 2 hours, 12 minutes.  (Dave said he would leave the video up, so there is no time limit.)  Two handouts from Dave are included – they will be attached as PDF files to your purchase confirmation email.