VIDEO: Spiral-Carved Hollow Vessel


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This is the recording of our October 2023 meeting.  Cliff Guard gave an excellent demonstration on how he carves spiral flutes on hollow vessels.

NOTE If you paid to attend the October meeting, you should have already received the link to this video via email.  If you did not, contact us.

Cliff Guard joined us live at the Woodcraft Store in New Castle, Delaware to demonstrate his Spiral Carved Vessels.  Cliff drove up from Chesapeake, Virginia to be with us for a live demo of how he makes his beautiful carved hollow vessels.

Cliff covered:

  • Considerations for the hollow vessel to be carved
  • Wall thickness requirements
  • Laying out the spiral pattern
  • Various carving tools that can be used
  • Carving the vessel
  • And more…

Cliff also brought a collection of his carved and embellished vessels, and a complete selection of all the tools he uses.

Members can now purchase access to this recording for just $5.  Running time is 2 hours, 25 minutes.  Cliff’s Supplemental Info (Tools & Sources), and his Spiral Carving Handout will also be included as PDF files, attached to your purchase confirmation email.

There is no time limit on this video – take as long as you want to watch.  We had a couple minor technical difficulties during the live demo, but nothing too serious as to impact the information and concepts that Cliff wanted to share. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will refund your money, no questions asked.

Photo of a spiral-carved hollow vessel with a finial.

Photo of a spiral-carved hollow vessel with a finial.