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photo of Rebecca DeGroot

This is the recording of our November 2023 meeting.  Rebecca DeGroot gave an excellent demonstration on how she makes her “walking teapots”.

NOTE If you paid to attend the November meeting, you should have already received the link to this video via email.  If you did not, contact us.

Rebecca guided us through the process of creating a walking teapot.  After a discussion of form, aesthetics, proportions, movement, and hypothetical functionality, she reviewed required tools and materials.  Rebecca started by turning the body and fitting lid of the teapot, leaving extra material where needed.  She then showed two unique processes of creating legs for the teapot.  You will learn her process of creating a split hollowed spout to be attached later, as well as creating the handles of both the body and the lid and any extra sculpted components.  Many parts of the body, legs, handles, and added components will need to be carved before assembly.  Rebecca concluded with finish options and teapot assembly.

Rebecca DeGroot started woodworking with her father at a very young age and continued to refine her skill through college. Six years after graduating with bachelor’s degrees in Art Education and Sculpture and Functional Art, Rebecca divides her time between her full-time career as an art educator and her passion for woodworking.

Members can now purchase access to this recording for just $5.  Running time is 2 hours, 30 minutes.

There is no time limit on this video – take as long as you want to watch.  Please do not share the link to the video!  #honorsystem

Rebecca DeGroot Teapots