Spiral Carved Vessel Demo IN-PERSON


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Cliff Guard will join us live at the New Castle, Delaware Woodcraft on Sunday, October 1st to demonstrate his Spiral Carved Vessels.  Cliff is driving up from Chesapeake, Virginia to be with us for a live demo of how he makes his beautiful carved hollow vessels.

Cliff will cover:

  • Considerations for the hollow vessel to be carved
  • Wall thickness requirements
  • Laying out the spiral pattern
  • Various carving tools that can be used
  • Carving the vessel
  • And more…

Cliff will also bring a collection of his carved and embellished vessels, and a complete selection of all the tools he uses.

  • WHERE:  Woodcraft, Wilmington, Delaware  (If you wish to attend the demo online via Zoom, go here.)
  • DATE:  Sunday, October 1st
  • TIME:   1 PM  (Please try to arrive no later than 12:45 PM!)  The demo will be approximately 2 hours in duration.

You can attend this demo in-person at the New Castle, Delaware Woodcraft OR online via Zoom.  This is the IN-PERSON, Members Only option.  If you wish to attend the demo online via Zoom, go here.  The live online demo is open to the public – up to 98 attendees, which is our Zoom limit.

(NOTE:  seating at Woodcraft is limited to 25, so IN-PERSON is reserved for FSW/DelVal Members only.)